Isometric Type Exercise
I created this isometric type exercise for an instagram story to encourage other young people to vote in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election. Creating in Adobe Illustrator, 2019. Mockup done in Adobe Photoshop, 2020. 
Glitch Type Exercise
This glitch type exercise was a result of playing around with some different tools in Photoshop, which I then overlaid on top of one of my own film photographs. Created in Adobe Photoshop, 2020. 
AF2 Campaign Animation
This animation was created for a digital design studio that I took in the fall semester of my second year, which is intended to be a mini-campaign for the AF2 sneaker. This project gave me the chance to play around in After Effects and learn some basic animation tools. I began with a film photograph I took in summer 2019, and overlaid doodles that I had drawn in Illustrator, and then used animation techniques in After Effects. Created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, 2019. Mockup done in Adobe Photoshop, 2020.
Salad Days Album Cover
This album cover was a fun little exercise inspired by Salad Days by Mac Demarco. Created in Adobe Illustrator, 2020. Mockup done in Adobe Photoshop, 2020. 
This was a video made up of memories of some people very dear to me, shot on Kodak 50D Colour Negative film on a Canon 514XL-S. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, 2020. 
Song: Hold Me Like A Fire by Reuben and the Dark
Intellectual Property Infographic
This is an infographic that I created in my 'Creativity, Clients and Design' course, in which we were tasked with creating an infographic that demonstrated our understanding and knowledge of intellectual property. 

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